Registering Your Cell Phone

You may register your cell phone number for SMS alerts. To do so complete the following form:

Recognizing Text Messages from PIER

All text messages from the PIER site will have a caller ID of: 84469

This is a ‘Short Code’ and represents the PIER SMS platform. You may save an entry in your phone’s contacts and use a label such as ‘City Text Alerts’ to help you identify these messages at a glance.

Our SMS Keyword: KEYWORD

Opt-In Process

You should receive an opt-in request message on DATE / WITHIN A WEEK OF REGISTERING. In order to confirm your cell phone number as opted in for SMS you must reply to the request MESSAGE and include the phrase ‘START KEYWORD’ in your reply. Once you have sent that message to 84469 you will receive one more confirmation text.

Alternatively, you may register your cell phone as directed above, and then you may send a text to 84469 with the keyphrase ‘START KEYWORD’

Opt-Out Process

To opt out at any time you may text the keyword STOP to 84469.

Interactive SMS (If applicable to the site)

You will be able to reply to text messages from PIER to confirm your status, ask a question, or request assistance. When replying you must include one of the following phrases in the body of your reply in order for it to be received properly by our PIER site:




Upcoming SMS Test (if applicable)

There will be a test message sent to you on DATE/TIME. Please mark you calendar and be prepared to reply with a confirmation as described above.


If you have any questions about this process, please submit them using the PIER site’s inquiry form here: