FORT LEE, Virginia – Army units training here are now authorized to use pyrotechnics in field exercises until 11 p.m., starting Dec. 3.

This training takes place up to three times per week in the southernmost area of the post with pyrotechnic use currently limited to daylight hours. Petersburg residents living off Hickory Hill Road, near the post’s Mahone Avenue Gate, can expect some increased noise due to these activities.

The new authorization supports Army directives to increase the rigor and realism of Soldier training in preparation for challenging assignments around the globe. During these field exercises, which include simulated small-arms fire and explosions, Soldiers will engage simulated targets in different scenarios designed to increase team cohesion and ensure skill proficiency.

Fort Lee and its training commands appreciate the patience and understanding of our neighbors as we train new Soldiers to defend our country.

Any questions or complaints about noise may be directed to the Fort Lee Public Affairs Office at (804) 734-7451 or by submitting a form online at